For someone obsessed with the desert and extreme desert driving, I have learnt to have a continuous desire to build and want to improve continuously. I aspire to engage in specific challenges because I trust myself to have what it takes to meet the challenges. I always believe that I am always in a position to acquire lots of knowledge or special skills. My talents drive me, and I thrive in situations where I can test these talents as well as my endurance to discover how much I can accomplish.
I tend to direct my attention toward ideas, issues, situations, or opportunities that stir my curiosity. I might devote more time than others do to exploring topics, problems, prospects, possibilities, or techniques that excite my interest. When something has to be completed, I am always eager to acquire the necessary knowledge, experiences, or skills needed to meet the challenge.



I willingly devote hours and energy to my job and responsibilities. When I know my performance might be compromised, I redouble my efforts to not allow it and to be my best. I was honoured to be recognised by my company as the Distinguished Manager and was awarded the CEO Medals Awards in two years consecutively (2017 and 2018). With my coaching silks, this achievement didn’t stop at that. One of H. E. Shk. Mohammad Bin Rashed greatest quotes that stroke my attention was "A great leader creates more leaders and does not reduce the institution to a single person" and he also said, "By being humble in times of triumph and success, a leader provides a glowing example to everyone". In addition to my award out of the 13 distinguished awards for each year 2017 and 2018, THREE awards went to my department.