Online Coaching Session

No judgment | No repercussion | Unconditional Respect

As it is, we are always faced with daily challenges. They may be challenges in the nature of overcoming a calamity, reaching a new success, or maintaining a current status and moving forward.


COVID-19 just adds up to these challenges. That is why I've created online coaching sessions. To sustain the environment my clients always looks for and love to experience, a safe space of no judgment, no repercussion and unconditional respect and love.

Building Self-Resilience

Knowing your controls overcoming influences

Let's work together to unearth your inner strengths, know your positives, use you negatives to your advantage and polish your Self-Resilience. We all have it all what we need sometimes is someone to help us realise it.

In this sessions you will be able to learn more than eight practical techniques that you can use every day to unleash your potential to overcome any challenges, show stoppers and the bad habit of procrastination.

Building Organisational Resilience

With People | With Teams | With the Organisation

Work with the organisation to build the capability to anticipate crises, react to short-term shocks and adjust to the unexpected disruption. Establish essential strategy for the organisation to flourish in today’s dynamic world and achieved throughout time. 


Build for your organisation the ability to forestall disruptions, and to efficiently and effectively bounce back from inconvenient situations. All of this is carried out in accordance with NCEMA 7000:2105 and ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standards