• Aws Al Khanjari

I am glad I am normal

#Sunday, June 12th 2019, a rather unique session with a client ended with my client saying "I am glad I am normal." This sentence kept on echoing in my mind since I first heard it from my client and long after that. I was pleased to have managed to take my client through the journey of entering a safe space. In which it helped my client to see clearly, to appreciate oneself, to become invisible yet accepted by all. Have the self-confidence that we are perfect with all of our traits and imperfections, irrespective of how others perceive them.

It is a fact in life; People tend to give #mindless #criticism that causes you self #resentment. Don't allow the #judgments of others #control you. You are #human, and you are #normal with all of your faults.

Another fact of life we often forget, there will always be someone out there with an opinion, irrespective of what you do or say. You cannot control what others think about what you do or say. So the question that you need to ask yourself, the fact you cannot control it, why try to change what is out of your control? You are depleting your #positive energy and causing slow inner self-destruction and harmful energy build up. That is why when my session with my client started, it was a flow of negative thoughts and low #self-esteem ideas kept on flowing for almost 30 minutes.

Opinions are considered external influences that we have no control over them. We need to use these influences to convert them from being negative inputs into positive energy. The process of conversion can only #succeed if we have good control of how we react towards our thoughts, feelings and actions. Once you master the power of these three points, you build and enhance your #resilience skills to survive.

As a #coach, we practice the art of #ActiveListening, which rewards us with powerful #feedback and beautiful #quotes. It's the perfect indicator of the session's effectiveness. I've decided to highlight my reflection with every feedback and quote I receive from my clients and #share with you. I would like to hear any feedback or thoughts you may have after reading this blog.

#selfacceptance #lifestyle

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